People that constantly lie about their lives and achievements usually have very low self esteem. They feel they have to lie and/or exaggerate to make themselves appear to be more important, interesting or successful than they are. It becomes so much a part of their persona that they do it habitually, without even considering the fact that their lies are obvious to others, and do nothing but make them look foolish. They come across as obnoxious braggarts and they normally end up with very few people who are willing to be their friends. If they are confronted with their lies, they become very angry and defensive and normally resort to personal attacks against whoever pointed out the fallacy of their story. They are sad individuals who are desperate to impress people. They feel their lives are boring or depressing and they make up stories to seem more interesting to others. I avoid them, and I don’t let their lies bother me. Their stories are just fairy tales they tell themselves and others in order to feel better about what they percieve to be their hopelessly dull existence. Ignore them. Unless their lies directly involve you, keep that in mind and walk away from them. They will eventually trap themselves in the lies they tell.

I’ve told people things about my self that some may think are lies or exaggerations. I’ve known more than a few people who are guilty of this practice. I am not one of them. I have had some very strange, wonderful, and frightening experiences in my life. I do not need to embelish them.